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The popular belief that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure is such an outdated way of thinking. Sure, a successful business requires professionalism and discipline, not partying and procrastinating, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing some fun into the equation. In fact, the more you enjoy what you are doing, the more productive you become.

The same “rule” applies when doing business in London. UK’s capital is a major business centre and businessmen from all over the world visit it each year. Whether you are based in the city or you’re in just for a short visit, work and leisure can definitely be combined.

On a business trip, the hotel you choose can make a huge difference. The Hilton London Metropole is an obvious favourite. Situated in central London, it offers a well-equipped business centre and even secretarial service.

Another great option is the Knightsbridge Hotel, ideally located in Kensington. The excellent WiFi connection, 24 hours room service and quiet spaces perfect for small meetings make it most suitable for business guests.

You can also choose a hotel in Kensington or Mayfair and you will have the opportunity of making your commute to work more enjoyable by walking through some of the lovely royal parks.

Working doesn’t necessarily mean being stuck in a boring office all day long. When in London, you can take your work with you in some amazing locations such as the Google Campus. After signing up for a free membership, you’ll have access to free WiFi and the Campus Cafe where you can grab a snack and get things done in a motivating environment.

Another great place that will spark your creativity is the British Library, a space where you can feel the inspiration floating in the air. It is a perfect quiet location for work, with free WiFi and power sockets for all your gadgets. And while you’re there, you could make some time to discover bits of the Library’s history.

Business meetings can also be very entertaining if the location is chosen properly. Think about having your business dinner at the Sky Gardens, where you can enjoy fabulous views over the city. After dinner, take a walk around this beautiful oasis in the sky to end the evening in a relaxing and peaceful mood.

If you have a little extra time on your hands and don’t know where to go first, you might want to go for a walk on the South Bank and mingle with the locals or visit Little Venice, London’s charming district where you can hop on a boat tour on one of the beautiful canals.

Whatever you decide to do on your business trip, keep in mind that the best way to find your way around London is by travelling on the Tube. It will save you money and time.

All in all, London is a great location for both business and leisure and you won’t have any trouble finding what you need, as long as you know how to set your priorities.





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