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Visiting tourist hot spots is not the only way you can explore and enjoy the wonderful capital of the United Kingdom. There are countless options for locals to have fun in the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the typical tourist areas.

If you want to start your day on a good note, let’s think about the essentials: food and where to eat it. Forget popular restaurants and choose to have a picnic or a barbecue in London Fields or other barbecue-friendly locations such as Highbury Fields or Waterlow Park. Food always tastes better alfresco.

Since you started the day in nature, you can keep it up and relax by exploring one of London’s many canals. All you have to do is rent a boat and let yourself float along the waterways. In the summer you also have the option of renting a wood-fired hot tub to sail down Regent Canal.

All this exploring and relaxing calls for a more lively evening and there’s nothing better to lift your spirit up than a good traditional English pub. Again, the options are endless: The Chandos in Trafalgar Square, The Defectors Weld, The Nags Head or The John Snow are just a few of the locations you might want to consider. However, if you have a hard time choosing, you can always ask a local for a recommendation.

If a wild night out is what you are looking for, London’s got you covered.  Nightclubs and bars abound in UK’s capital and east London is the place to go if you want to party hard. If you have no one to enjoy the crazy nightlife with, you can spice things up and choose to be joined by an london escort. Read top escort reviews on https://www.escortrankings.uk/

Going to a music festival is yet another experience you shouldn’t miss. London’s many parks host all sorts of music festivals for all tastes. For top DJ acts and big-name events choose Southwestfour in Clapham Common, Wireless in Hyde Park or Field Day in Victoria Park. The indie scene is well represented at Isle of Wight festival or Latitude festival. You can get a date from https://4sd.com to join you.

Sightseeing can also be less touristy if you choose to skip the classic guided tours and opt for renting a bike instead. It’s cheap and it makes it easy for you to get around. Just grab a bike and a map and head wherever your heart desires, at your own pace.

If crowds don’t bother you and you feel like doing some shopping, then head out to the market. Whether you go to Greenwich Market, Colombia Road Flower Market or Portobello Road Market, you’ll definitely find something to catch your eye. But don’t stop here! You can continue your shopping spree in one of the many vintage shops in Covent Garden, Camden or Bick Lane.

There’s a thing or two you can learn from locals when visiting London. The key is to keep an open mind, let your instincts guide your way and you’ll be rewarded with a great experience.


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