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Skirting World’s manufacturing process happens entirely in-house, which means that they only sell custom made skirting. Each board is cut from the clients’ chosen material (be it HDF, MDF, or Pine) and customized by a team of specialists that have a lot of experience in the industry. The first step is processing the orders – once the clients place their orders, the Skirting World specialists begin the manufacturing process.

The second step applying the clients’ chosen designs to each skirting board and ensure that the end product is flawless. This is done by removing all the excess material from the skirting boards and using a molding machine or a spindle, as well as Ogee-style material cutting tools. An expert machinist will operate the tools and he will ensure that the design looks exactly like the client wants it to and that the machines are used correctly.

Now, if the client orders primed finish skirting boards, then the boards will go through the hands of Skirting World’s in-house French polisher, who will use a professional primer spray gun to apply two coats of primer to the visible parts of the boards. Between the primer coatings, the polisher will sand down the boards as this will make the surface smoother. Once the last layer of primer has been applied, the skirting boards are left to dry. Once the boards are completely dry, the specialist will use a denibbing machine, which will do the rest of the sanding and it will also make the surfaces of the skirting boards very smooth, facilitating the application of paint.

Last but not least, Skirting World’s wrapping team will take care of the clients’ order, making sure that it is transported safely. They will use different protection materials to ensure that the skirting won’t be damaged during transportation.

If you were wondering what the most popular material for skirting boards is, then you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that MDF and HDF are some of the most popular options at Skirting World. However, many clients will also look for more traditional skirting that looks like real wood, and for them, the best choice is always Pine. The specialists at Skirting World are exceptionally skilled at working with Pine. They treat all the imperfections and knots and do their best to make the boards look flawless. But for modern homes, HDF and MDF are the cheapest, highest quality, and most durable options. Even though MDF is the cheapest option available, that doesn’t mean that it is not durable. Not only is this material extremely resistant, but it also looks great.

If you are considering replacing your skirting and need professional advice, do not hesitate to visit the Skirting World website. Their specialists are always happy to help.


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