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UnGagges Las Vegas 2018 is approaching so we figured you might want to learn more about some of the most experienced speakers that you’ll meet at this year’s conference. As we mentioned in Part 1, when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing conferences, UnGagged.com is the place to be. Like all the previous editions, this year’s sessions will focus on delivering brand-new methods and cutting-edge strategies that will cover a lot of online marketing topics, such as technical SEO, link building, content creating and recycling, CRO, affiliate marketing, mobile, analytics, and many more. What makes the UnGagged sessions special is the fact that recording the sessions is prohibited, so the speakers will express themselves freely and with honesty in a safe environment.

These are some of the SEO & Digital Marketing expert speakers that you will meet at UnGagged LA 2018.

Jill Quick – Co-founder at The Coloring in Department – a company that focuses on creating affordable Online Digital Marketing Courses. Jill is an experienced and down to earth digital marketing trainer, having taught thousands of professionals and having worked with hundreds of companies.

Also known as @CygnusSEO, Joe Sinkwitz is a man who managed to build an empire by capitalizing on payday lead gen for around 11 years. Nowadays, Joe is the Chief of Revenue for a popular content marketing agency called CopyPress and Principal of Digital Heretix, an ORM/SEO agency. He also influences the masses as CEO of Intellifluence, an influencer marketing SaaS.

With more than 10 years of experience in SEO, digital marketing, brand strategy, analytics, lead generation, conversation rate optimization, CRM automation,campaign strategy, and web development Jono Alderson is the man you want to meet at the 2018 UnGagged. Make sure you don’t miss his session – Black Hat Analytics; when your data is working against you.

Another amazing speaker that you’ll meet at this year’s edition of UnGagged Los Angeles is Judith Lewis, a specialist with experience in Social Media Marketing, PPC, and SEO and the founder of DeCabbit Consultancy. Judith has been working in the SEO industry since before it had a name so her session will surely be extremely insightful.

Matt Whelan has over 15 years of experience and it is safe to say that he is a search marketing veteran. His current position is Digital Strategy Director for The Specialist Work and his UnGagged session – Why no one listens to your SEO advice, and what to do about will be amazing.

Being the CTO of Bit Discovery Robert Hansen has also worked for Exodus Communications, Cable & Wireless, eBay, and Digital Island. Today, Robert is part of the technical advisory board of several startup companies, is an Innovation Officer and a virtual CISO. Make sure you don’t miss his session – Negative SEO – the dark arts part II.

Ross Tavendale is currently Type a Media’s Managing Director. Ross focuses on helping clients with their marketing campaigns giving them priceless coverage on huge websites such as the Wall Street Journal or BBC.

Another amazing speaker invited at the 2018 edition of UnGagged is Tom Anthony, Distilled’s VP Product. Tom is currently leading an amazing team of professionals that are building the world’s first SEO A/B testing platform called DistilledODN. We can’t wait to see what insights he has to share with us during his session Hacking Google: From tracking users to hijacking PageRank.




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